Del cuaderno a la Red sin red. Love through the Times

I’ve found my daughter
Once she was my mother
In that place in the forest
When you were
Her lover
And after that you
Were mine
You were
My father and
My lover
We both sinners
We found each other
In this time
And we felt
We thought we were
And life made us
Broke up
We are not sinners
We were lovers
We are players
We love the love
We love each other
Trough the times
And the history
And the space
And through you
I love all the people
You love, all those
You’ve loved
Through all these
And you can love
All the people
I love and those who
I’ve been loving through
All these
And we will love
And each other and
The energy of love
All through
This blessed earth
I’ve found my mother
Once she was my daughter
And all the lovers
I loved through
The centuries
Now I agree
With you
When you remembered
That the name
Of your office
Was like your love
For me
Don’t feel the fear,
Don’t you be afraid
Doesn’t matter
If we never
Meet again
Cause we will ever
Stay together
In this infinite
Of love and time
In this blessed Earth
Where we came
To play
The brand new rules
We can imagine
Every day
We are sinners
Never again
We are players
In the game of life
We are players
Of the song of love

2010 May 25th


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